Friday, April 07, 2006

Kulongoski is the only one trying to solve the problems he created


The O:

Kulongoski, widely considered the frontrunner, gave as good as he got, saying he helped move the state toward prosperity after one of its worst recessions. He accused his opponents of distorting his first term record, bristling especially at their comments that he hasn't been a good Democrat.

"Sometimes we forget who our real opponent is," he said.

But he saved his strongest zinger for last, saying he's the only one who has been actively trying to solve the problems they accused him of helping create.

"There's been a lot of finger-pointing here tonight," Kulongoski said. "That's the difference between us. It's the difference between talking and doing."

I guess Ted shouldn't ignoring the Democrats in the State Legislature who needed his leadership and support if he didn't want to be called on it. The "real opponent" is the person who pretends to be a friend and doesn't act like one: the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing.

I'm completely dissapointed in Kulongoski. He had his shot to work with the Democrats in Salem and literally own that place. Last session should have been the time when copious amounts of progressive legislation were signed into law. Instead we watched the Republicans run over the top of the Democrats..outplaying and outmaneuvering them. Cypher Ted was nowhere to be found.

He SHOULD be the one that solves the problems he's created. But he won't. He's already demonstrated an inability to do this.

Ted is better than any of the Republican candidates and is probably better than Westlund. But I think Sorenson and Hill would both be a damn sight more effective than what we've had the previous term. Maybe they can solve the problems Ted has created.