Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chief Foxworth Update: X-rated Emails, Clandestine Trysts

Well, the other shoe has definitely dropped on the developing allegations against Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth. As promised, the claim by counsel to his accuser was made public today, and it's a bit racy:
In a tort claim released Wednesday, plaintiff Angela Oswalt, 46, alleges that she faced repeated sexual advances by Foxworth and that she feared for her future employment if she did not submit.

The document further alleges that Foxworth sent her extremely graphic e-mails on a regular basis and the two of them had an ongoing sexual relationship despite both him being married and living with a mistress.

The e-mails Foxworth allegedly sent Oswalt before becoming chief spell detail after detail of various sexual acts he would like to perform with her.

"...I push my body closer to you so you can feel my ...," reads part of one e-mail.
It gets better. Taking a moment to reprint my favorite section of email banter, I quote the tort document, helpfully published here by KGW (pdf, graphic content):
I unbutton my pants and belt and let them drop to the floor and quickly take off any remaining clothes. There completely exposed in front of you is my naked brown chocolate body and this huge hard on for you to take and enjoy in any way you choose.
Get on with your naked brown chocolate self, Derrick!

OK, time to take a step back. What the woman--Angela Oswalt, a desk clerk for the Bureau--is alleging as a claim against Foxworth is that he caused her emotional distress by insisting that his illicit affair (Foxworth had both a wife and another mistress at the time, according to Oswalt) remain secret. I think in his shoes (which according to inferences I draw from Foxworth's self-description, I would fit easily into), I probably would have insisted on secrecy as well. But is that harrassment? There seems no allegation in the claim that Foxworth threatened her job or her status at work. In fact, she relates comments he made to her regarding sexual harrassment charges surrounding members of the SERT which he says there's no excuse for covering up that kind of behavior. (The claim also refers to Foxworth as her "Commanding Officer," which makes no sense since she is a non-sworn employee and thus has civilian oversight.)

She also contends that Foxworth consumed alcohol at her home and then went on some kind of police business afterwards. It's certainly possible that PPB rules are different in places from standard City HR rules, but proscriptions against alcohol are generally against intoxication, not simple consumption. The incidents are also framed in such a way as to suggest that Foxworth was called to police matters unexpectedly, opening the possibility that he was off-duty. Police likely have an obligation not to report to duty in a situation where they are intoxicated--but not necessarily if they had simply been drinking. It is amusing to note her claims that Foxworth essentially mooched off her for liquor and food, however. Brings new meaning to the term "cheap drunk."

I mentioned that I would ask my inside sources about the PPB scuttlebutt. I heard back this morning from someone not intimately(!) familiar with all the personal details, but who offered that when Ms. Oswalt's name is mentioned amongst rank and file, the typical response is "a rolling of the eyes."

At this stage I'm certainly not willing to speculate on either the veracity of Oswalt's complaints or their potential impact on Foxworth's career. For instance, it's OK to send personal email on a very limited basis from City computers, but it's not OK to use them to send "pornographic" material. Does "let me do you" email to a secret lover qualify? I guess that's for HR Chief Yvonne Deckard to decide. But after leaving the story open ended yesterday, and with the tort claim document now in hand, you deserved an update. Enjoy, and if you read the claim you may want to keep something handy to mop your brow with.