Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kulongoski calls lawmakers into special session

Here goes nothing:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski said today he will call the Oregon Legislature into special session April 20 to plug a $140 million hole in the state human services budget and to find ways to help Portland schools and other struggling districts.

The Democratic governor also left open the possibility that other subjects would be added to the agenda, including a proposal by House Speaker Karen Minnis to consider a bill to limit the loan rates that can be charged by payday lenders.

Another possible addition could be a version of a bill to impose mandatory prison terms on adults who rape or commit other sexual abuse against children under the age of 12, the governor’s office said.

Kulongoski’s chief of staff, Pat Egan, said the governor would be willing to have both issues considered by the special session if it appears there’s bipartisan support for doing so.

Kulongoski has been completely ineffective at working with the Democrats in the State Legislature. I'd like to know if he's going to actually work with them now or if this is going to be another exercise in GOP obstructionism..aided by Kulongoski's laisse faire approach.

And why is the Minnis pay day loan thing even on the table? She's historically obstructed on this issue at length, and now we're all supposed to buy into the idea that she's going to put for something that would actually make a dent? Her ploy here seems little more than a veiled attempt at political advantage..rather than real reform. Unless she actually ponies up something serious, why waste the time and money to kiss her ass on this?

And since when is the State Legislature interested in giving any real help to Portland Public Schools?

I'm skeptical that this session will amount to anything.