Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spanning the State: Holy crap its still snowing at Meadows! edition

Sunday is our traditional day to span the State of Oregon for cool nuggets of interesting away we go...!

Metroblogging Portland has the latest Wall Street Journal poll indicating that Westlund may be hurting the Democrats in the race for Governor. With one caveat: there's a ton of noncommitted voters. So in reality its hard to know if Westlund's presence is doing much.

A large private land sale seeks to be the largest private conservation deal in the nation's history. The Deschutes Basin Land Trust is working with Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs) to purchase 295k acres of privately owned tree farms in Central Oregon.

Kevin Mannix is still getting his freak on with Loren Parks.

The newspaper of record in Burns (aka Burns Times Herald) is locally owned for the first time in many years.

LaGrande hearts Kulongoski

Hood River is cache, vogue and hip. We know this because a four magazines tell us so.

The Democratic candidates for Governor are in Madras today.

Oh yeah...and its still snowing at Mt. Hood Meadows in April.