Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Grande Rhonde Tribe's Clark Kent Complex

I understand perfectly why the Grande Rhonde Tribe is running ads against the gubernatorial candidates who have in any way indicated that they're not four square against nontribal casinos. They want to keep gamblers schlepping out to their casino to lose money instead of losing it elsewhere.

Its a very sensible stance to take if you're the Grande Rhonde Tribe.

What I don't understand (or agree with) is the lack of responsibility the Tribe takes for their ads--at least in the ad disclaimers. Why are the ads paid for by "people who don't want any more casinos"--or some such nonsense, instead of "This ad was proudly paid for by the Grande Rhonde Tribe"? Why the need to have a secret identity?

It comes across to me as very sneaky and dishonest.