Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spanning the State...cracked skull edition

Yeah..I'm still whining about my two little stitches..but hurts! Ah well. My blog dedication trumps my headache. So with the whimpering set aside, its time to see what's what around Oregon...


"Liveability" is an issue facing many Oregonians. Lots of us find ourselves dwelling in regions experiencing dramatic growth. No moreso than the residents of Bend. It seems one parcel of land in the Bend area is about to illicit a nasty fight between the Chamber of Commerce and local developer Ray Kuratek. The Chamber of Commerce has a bad habit of using Rovian tactics to demonize their opponents. This fight reeks of that. This should be about what Bend residents want for their town--not about how a few powerful folks have have lived there for generations and want to hold sway over everyone else.

Congratulations to Burns High grad and and U of O standout Kellen Clemens. Clemens was the 49th overall draft pick in this year's NFL draft by the New York Jets.

Columnist Bob Welch of Eugene finds out that Las Vegas is less than skin deep. After reading this I was wondering exactly what Welch was expecting. Its Vegas. Its not supposed to be deep.

A sheriff's candidate in Corvallis may be finding out that it doesn't pay to lie about your educational record.

There's a heated GOP primary race in LaGrande for Union County Commissioner. According to the LaGrande Observer, the incumbent is a divisive, negative attack dog who has generated oodles of ill-will. In other words, the whole editorial is redundant.

A colt from Eagle Point is the favorite for today's Kentucky Derby.