Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oregon's own GOP Cage Match!

In this corner...illustrious multi-time loser Kevin Mannix..the GOP's answer to slick, dirty old man money. In the other corner...Ron Saxton: dishonest purveyor of bullshit.

Who will win the race to be the slimiest?

This might be too weird even for Dr. Phil.

My favorite quote is from Parks..who has claimed all along he wants nothing for all his campaign cash for Mannix. Except of course:

"I haven't asked Kevin for anything but more control over criminals, improvement of the fishery and less waste in the government. . . . As for my website, I rarely talk to anyone who has been to my website. I work best with depression, headaches, fingernail biting and cancer. I do not do sex therapy and haven't for 15 years or more, and then only with girlfriends, not the public. I have been impotent for years. I am 79. Any wealthy person is subject to nuisance lawsuits.

Why does a guy who no longer lives in Oregon need to give money to control issues exclusive to Oregon?

As far as "rarely" talking to anyone who has been to his site, Parks sure managed to have a nice chat with The General.