Tuesday, June 06, 2006

God wants you to have guns

I lay no claim to being a Biblical expert--much less an expert on God in His (Her?) various incarnations. I'm also not an archeologist, sociologist or religion expert and I don't play one on this blog.

Mary Starrett: God's conduit?

But honestly...does Mary Starrett really believe that God gives us the right to bear arms?

Based on the information over at Starrett's campaign website, there should be no misconstruing, either. "Bear arms" means "have a gun" and its a God-given right:

The right to keep arms for defense of self and others is fundamental for free people. Both the US and the Oregon Constitution protect this God-given right. Mary supports the rights of all Oregonians to own, use and carry any firearm for any purpose other than to commit a crime.

The earliest records of gunpowder show up somewhere in the 800s in China. Again, I'm no Bible expert--but when God was handing out His rules, plans, rights, etc--wouldn't that have been well before the 800s--at least under the Judeo-Christian version adhered to by Starrett? Wouldn't there have been a "thou shalt have a gun"..if that's what He meant?

Maybe she's got a hotline to the Big Guy that none of the rest have access to. Perhaps He keeps her informed of all the insider rules and rights that we heathens have to hear about through the likes of Starrett.

Or maybe she's full of crap.

(via Terry Olson)