Friday, August 18, 2006

GOP legislator in ethics hot water

The hits just keep on coming for the GOP, eh?

This time it's Representative John Lim of Gresham:

The state ethics commission voted today to look into whether Rep. John Lim of Gresham improperly used government-rate airfares to fly to California several times.

Lim, who was born in Korea, said he used the reduced fares for trips to speak to a Korean American organization. He said he paid for the trips but considered them to be state business because he was invited to speak because of his position as a Korean American legislator.

He said he doesn't believe he did anything wrong in using the reduced airfares. He emphasized that he didn't use any state or campaign money.

The ethics commission has 90 days to decide whether to launch a full investigation. State law prohibits public officials from using their position to obtain financial gain.

Its state business to go speak at events that have nothing to do with his legislative duties?

John Lim is either stupid or corrupt.

Or both.