Monday, November 06, 2006

The Hell with Ben--We've Got the Storm Large Robocall!

It's great to see Ben Westlund getting his stump on for Ted in a recorded call for Central Oregonians, but some state notables carry just slightly more cachet than a portly white guy--even one who used to wrangle bull jizz for a living.

Surely near the top of the cachet list would be Portland's Storm Large, she of the recent Can't-Call-Us-Supernova-Because-We-Stole-The-Name fame. And if Westlund's calm counsel is mother's milk to independent voters in Bend, who better than Storm to try sweet-talking young registrants into wiping the bongwater from their chapped lips and dropping off their ballots? (I could make some kind of "mother's milk" joke here, but I'm waaaay too classy for that.)

I would really have preferred to see this done as a video, perhaps read while she wears an oversized Ramones T-shirt and little else...but for that they would have needed some more platinum donors (memo to OPB--the see-Storm! angle might work better than offering a tote bag). And hearing the sultry Large apologize for bugging call recipients--and then bugging them anyway--is sweet enough music for me. Here you go...{wav file}*

To answer the inevitable question: No, I am still not over having sat within 15 feet of Ms. Large at Candidates Gone Wild. Deal with it.

*proper wav file swapped out for old one