Monday, February 12, 2007

Convicted forger starting signature gathering company?

Isn't this kind of like a convicted child molester starting a daycare?

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Date: 2007-01-26, 10:20AM PST

We still have a few positions open for circulators. The position(s) entails working directly with the public using the petition process to get various issues on the ballots for November 2008. You will be working outdoors so being used to Oregon weather is a plus.

Our organization is not affiliated with any political party. We simply want to make a difference and allow all Oregonians to vote on the ideas that the people of this state are proposing. This is a perfect position for a student or someone seeking a part time or second job (full time hours are available). You make your own hours and
work where you want. No experience is required and training will be provided.

Requirements for applicants:

- Cheerful disposition

- A genuine belief in making change through the petitioning processes afforded to the citizens of Oregon

- Ability to communicate given issues clearly and honestly

- Be able to follow simple directions and rules

- Clean appearance

Compensation ranges from minimum
wage to twenty plus dollars an hour and paychecks are given every two weeks. If
this position interests you please call (503)317-0201 or email us at
Take Initiative Oregon LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Criminal background
checks will possibly be run, but most convictions will not automatically
disqualify you (we believe in second and even third chances).

gmoser is Greg Moser, aka Ronald Phillips who has numerous convictions including forgery and felony identity theft.

Moser has previously associated himself in Oregon with Sizemore compadre Tim Trickey. Moser allegedly carried petitions previously for the "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" spending cap, term limits, Sizemore's insurance/credit initiative and an eminent domain ban.

In other words he tends to gravitate toward the winger petition stuff.

Initiative reform is one of the issues that the Oregon Legislature is tackling this session. In fact this Wednesday provisions will be discussed which would ban forgers and ID thieves from circulating peitions for five years.