Saturday, February 10, 2007

Trib wins a prize. LO still prize-free.

So apparently The Trib won an award from what they call a "prestigious" journalism organization: The Inland Press. The award is for the Best Non-Daily Newspaper in the nation. The Trib took first prize in the 10k+ circulation category.

I'm guessing this is a cool thing for them, so...Yay Trib!

It still doesn't make them a great paper. But then I suppose they probably don't think we have the best blog around, either. So tat.

The T wasn't the only paper in Oregon to get a nod from The Inland Press.

The Times-Herald in Burns won third place for Best NonDaily Newspaper with a circulation of under 5000. I'm a big fan of the Times-Herald and often feature their stuff for Spanning the State (Sundays here at LO, usually in the morning).