Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spanning the State: Lessons in why conservatism sucks, Edition

The search for stories for this weekly piece led this time to a series of examples of the failures of conservative "leadership". Whether at the state or federal level, the financial and social repercussions of conservatism are especially hard on rural Oregon. Socially, the priorities of conservatism seem especially ludicrous now, given the other problems we face. From focusing on making English the official state language to attempts to keep Oregonians from viewing naked women in strip bars, this frivilous, unserious effort demonstrates an inability to really tackle the issues citizens face.

So let's put on our GOP clown shoes and Span the State!


Rural counties throughout Oregon are in serious financial trouble. One symptom of these financial woes is the $7 million in budget cuts for Coos County, necessitating an elmination of public health services for the region.

Oregon State University is seeing a dramatic uptick in the enrollment of Latino students. The college has worked to promote itself in the Latino community by broadcasting sporting events in Spanish. They've also made marketing the school to Latinos a priority.

This piece in the Ashland Daily Tidings does a nice job of highlighting the two sides of the Measure 37 argument.

Schools in Oregon that have used green architecture are seeing improved student performance and lower energy costs, according to a nationwide study.

Kevin Mannix is going all John Ashcroft on us. Wrong state for this kind of stuff, Kevin.

Senator Wyden received an apparent lukewarm reception on a recent town hall visit in Prineville.

Two of the legislators caught up in Maui-gate have copped a plea. David Nelson (R-Pendleton) and Jason Atkinson (R-Central Point) are paying a combined total of $600 in penalties for failing to report a lobbyist paid trip to Maui. With that kind of penalty, what exactly is the incentive for NOT reporting? Jeez.