Monday, May 14, 2007

OR GOP continues efforts to supress voting

When voter turnout in a region is high, it tends to favor Democrats. So clearly Republicans are interested in doing whatever they can to keep people from heading to the polls.

Oregon has enjoyed very high voter turnout in the last few cycles. As such, the state has continued to trend away from the Republican Party.

In their latest venture, Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro) and Senator Larry George (R-Scaredy Cat from Sherwood) are buffeting the GOP's effort to lower that turnout by pushing legislation requiring Oregonians to show proof of legal citizenship before they can obtain a driver's license.

Oregon Driver's Licenses are the accepted proof of identification when one registers to vote in this state.

The excuse du jour for requiring this proof of citizenship is to prevent voting by illegal aliens. Republicans enjoy dithering on at length about this nonexistent problem. As I understand it, its a Class C Felony for a person to swear that they are a US citizen when they are not in order to vote. Illegal aliens are trying NOT to draw attention to themselves so they can stay under the government's radar and continue to work. No one on either side of the aisle has come forward with proof that this is even a legitimate issue in Oregon.

The problem for Starr and George (and other like-minded GOPers) isn't that illegals are voting. Its that people in Oregon aren't voting for THEIR PARTY--so they have to find ways to make it difficult for Oregonians to cast a ballot.