Monday, May 14, 2007

Steve Novick on the Campaign Trail: Iowa Remembers

Here's an interesting testimonial for Steve Novick--from a political activist in Iowa, of all places. What's the connection? Apparently, hard work and results on the ground:
[In the 2004 Democratic primaries, the Howard Dean camp] had made some inroads in Montgomery County, and its county seat Red Oak, but I knew that we were fighting an uphill battle against Kerry in that county.

I explained the situation to Steve, and he was up for the challenge. I encouraged him to, "Just try to keep it close." Novick got in his car with our Montgomery County lists, a cell phone, and a map and went to work. I spoke to him each night as he reported his numbers: contacts, 1's, 2's, 3's, etc. It was mind-numbing work that made you feel, at times, like a glorified telemarketer. Steve was always positive, and very reliable.

As it turned out, Howard Dean took second place in Montgomery County with 25% (he actually tied Edwards for second, but when you have a night like we did on caucus night, ties count). Kerry won the county with 40%. However, that number was only two points better than Kerry's statewide total of 38% whereas Steve managed to get Dean's numbers up to seven points higher than the statewide total of 18%. So, it was a Dean victory, of sorts.

Steve Novick has committed his life to public service and standing up for progressive candidates and ideas. The United States Senate would be a better place if Steve Novick is elected.

Steve Novick came out to Iowa in the middle of Winter to support and fight for Howard Dean. For that alone, I would ask that you visit his website and donate to "The Fighter With the Hard Left Hook."
If you think Novick is a hidebound Portland pol who is afraid of doing the dirty work in the hinterlands, think again. And if you think that the affable progressive just preaches to the choir without the ability to change the minds of the skeptical, think again, again.