Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shafting in Progress on M37 Claim

More bad news from our friends Brian and Laurel Hines, who are helping lead their neighbors against a well-sucking development that the Marion County commissioners seem hell-bent to approve:
[H]ere's the worst part, the most outrageous outrage. Commissioner Janet Carlson pointed it out at the Board meeting:

This issue is complicated by the Measure 37 referendum [Measure 49]. If this wasn't the case, different decisions might be made.

Thanks for telling it like it is, Commissioner Carlson.

But you're being generous toward your colleagues when you said "maybe." It's obvious that "almost certainly" would be more accurate. Obvious, because this was the big concern of Brentano and Milne at the meeting where the Laack subdivision was approved.

They were deeply concerned about whether the Measure 37 applicant would be able to move ahead with the subdivision if a Hydro Study of the water situation was required, as the county ordinance demands.

They were told that a Study would extend well past the effective date of the Measure 37 fix (Measure 49), which would mean that only three homes could be built on this groundwater limited farmland.

So Brentano and Milne voted to allow 42 more wells in our neighborhood, even though independent water experts hired by the county said this would put surrounding wells and springs at high risk. They cared a lot about the Measure 37 applicant. They didn't care at all about the rights of hundreds of people already living here.

That's an outrage.
Politics over science--hmmm...where have I heard THAT before? I just can't recall. We agree with Brian that the Laack claim is a prime example for the M49 fix supporters to highlight.

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