Thursday, June 08, 2006

Failure to Raise Taxes Closes OR Highway?

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Since we're in hit and run mode for the time being: while going through the hideous Oregonlive site researching another story, I noted with surprise this headline:

Levy failure near Klamath Falls shuts down Oregon Highway 140

Wow, I thought--in Washington state some of our friends tried to point out that unless repeal of their massive transportation bill was blocked, major thoroughfares like the Alaska Way Viaduct could simply collapse. And right here in Oregon, it actually HAPPENED! In Klamath Falls they tried to pass a levy to save Hwy 140, to no avail. What a story! Screw you, Bill Sizemore!

Unfortunately, what we had here was communicate. Specifically, apparently neither the briefs writer for The O, nor his or her crack editor, know the difference between a levy (as in a tax or an assessment), and one of these, at right. You'd think that, given the relatively recent news about levees, what they do, and what happens when a hurricane hits poorly designed and maintained levees, somebody might have caught this. Perhaps they were all up late last night, reading the latest Willamette Week for ideas on what to print in Thursday's edition.

Tomorrow's breakout story? Lesbian Hooker Arrested With Finger in Dike.