Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rightwingers file ANOTHER ballot initiative

There's got to be some good money in filing ballot petitions in Oregon because the conservatives in this state have filed like its going out of style.

One would hope that if they're going to bother us with more BS--they'd at least avoid more authoritarian stuff to take more decisions away from locals. Apparently not.

This appears to be some sort of amended version of this petition from the dubiously named First Class Education. The proposal would require that 65 cents of every dollar spent on education to go directly to the classroom. While it has a lovely platitudinal ring to it--it doesn't take into account things expenditures for building upkeep and maintenance, heat, water, etc. Rural and budget strapped schools will be especially damaged.

Wrestling local control away from schools, especially with funding, is an idea whose time should never come.