Friday, June 09, 2006

Goldy Gets His Own Cubicle of the Echo Chamber

I allow us this brief diversion into Washington politics to offer official congratulations from Loaded Orygun to David Goldstein, newest screaming liberal radio talk show host. Courtesy of Blatherwatch (and because he told all his friends and readers as soon as it happened), we find that as a result of his sub gig last Sunday at KIRO 710 in Seattle, Sunday nights are now his.

It's been a strange arc for David, but always an entertaining one to watch. David, Carla and I did a lot of talking and writing together about the WA Goobernor's challenge, and he's perfect for radio: quick witted, up on the facts or not afraid to admit he's not, and not telegenic enough for TV. (Just keeping the old bean the proper size, G).

Best of luck to David in his new part time career, and by following the KIRO link you can stream him live now every week. If enough Oregonians phone in, he has to start taking our local issues seriously, right?