Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kevin Cameron makes it legal whilst screwing voters sideways

Last month, TJ noticed that Republican Kevin Cameron tried some plausible deniability on a push mailer sent out by the conservative hackowonks over at Gateway Communications:

Last night in a debate sponsored by Salem City Club and others, the challenger in Dist. 19 held up a flier (glossy, folded in half, maybe teal color and white or something) and said it had been sent to someone in the district who gave it to him. Asked 2 questions: which candidate will you vote for, and what are your issues? Remark was made "a little late to be asking about important issues, and the real way to find that out is to go door to door". Then the incumbent said "anyone can send out a mailing--that isn't from my campaign".

So the mailers didn't come directly from Cameron's campaign. He simply paid for it.

According to the campaign expenditure report update that Cameron filed last week, anyway (see the bottom of the last page).

What a dick.