Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Live blogging results & GOP trying to intimidate vote counters in Washington County?

If Blogger can hold itself together tonight-I'm going to attempt to live blog results as they come in. Check back after 8PM.

I'm hearing some scuttle from Washington County, where it seems some GOPers who are observing the election count are trying to insert themselves into the process.

In one instance, a woman named Ruth Bendl is allegedly hovering right behind the people who verify the signatures. Its been reported to me that Ruth and some other GOP observers are taking down information about signatures--largely those with Hispanic surnames. Presumably this information will be turned over to Bradbury at the Secretary of States office in an attempt to invalidate votes.

More alarming in my view however are the reported attempts by these GOP observers to become familiar with the signature checkers in order to intimidate them. This intimidation is (reportedly) manifesting itself in workers explaining their processes to the observers--with the GOPers possibly influencing the process.

More on this as I'm able to confirm information.